Studies of Today’s Leaders Reveal Some Interesting Conclusions

No modern business can succeed without plenty of talent all throughout its ranks. That is a reality that can virtually be taken for granted, with implacable forces of competition ensuring that a lack of talent will drag any company down. On the other hand, focusing too narrowly on the widespread presence of talent can encourage a kind of myopia that causes another important factor to go overlooked. Strong, effective leadership remains every bit as important as in the past, and oftentimes even more so.

One successful business leader has been delving into this matter at WordPress and producing some interesting results. Instead of merely looking at leadership from afar, as often seems to be done, he has tried to seek out lessons from some demonstrably successful leaders. In a pair of posts that have only been published recently, he has arrived at some conclusions that will interest anyone who respects the roles that today’s leaders play in their organizations.

For instance, while Bill Gates has received plenty of attention over the years for both his career as the founder of Microsoft and his activities since retiring, his wife Melinda has sometimes been overlooked. Melinda Gates has turned out to be an impressively effective leader in her own right, guiding the couple’s foundation, again and again, to achieve things that were never to be taken for granted.

What is perhaps most striking about her leadership style is how much it differs from that with which her husband is most commonly associated. While Bill Gates built up a reputation for a hard-nosed, consistently opportunistic style of leadership, Melinda’s approach has been quite a bit more subtle and elegant, in general.

As a result, the two have combined their forces in particularly complementary and comprehensive ways in the course of building their foundation up into something of a truly world-changing scale and import. While leadership alone would never be enough to turn a worthy idea into such an impressive success, it has certainly helped ensure that all the resources that have been poured into the organization have been used effectively. Sometimes, it takes a different sort of touch on the part of one leader to round out what another might have to offer for their own part.