I Am Really Upset About Things

I have been pretty bummed about the recent events, of course if you keep up with all of the Trump news that stuff will drive you off of the edge. I keep wondering how this man could possibly become the president, especially when I think that the man works for me and he has zero aptitude for the job that he has taken. The really annoying thing is that I have to think about how there were sixty million voters who were willing to pull the lever for this man. It was certainly no secret what he was and to put it mildly, the man is completely amoral and there is absolutely no evidence that he cares one iota about any person other than himself. It is clear that he would sell us all out for any benefit to himself and that he is thinking about the office of the presidency purely in terms of self interest.

It is pretty obvious that the man behaves like a child, all you have to do is read the tweets that he produces about the members of the news media. It seems as though he thinks that the only critical part of his job is to watch the news on cable. He seems to believe how people talk about him is so important that he has to obsess on it for weeks. Then you have to remember that this is the exact same man who rose to prominence in far right politics by espousing a demonstrably false lie about the sitting president of the USA. He still has not apologized to Barack Obama for telling a lie about him over and over for year after year. Yet he thinks that every single criticism of him is some sort of mortal sin against an infallible being.