AN Adjunct Therapy to Aid in Healing from Surgery

The doctors looked at the imaging and told my brother that the healing time would be slow. He would have to plan on being off work close to a year after his surgery. He could not work now though he wanted to. He worked outdoors in wilderness areas. That is where he got hurt. The initial surgeries to put him back together were not intended to be long term fixes. That was what this surgery was for. I hear about PRP therapy in Westchester County, NY, and I asked him to mention it to his doctor. Since it seemed to me to be a low risk adjunct to aid in his healing, I figured he should at least look into it.

It is known that insurance is not likely to pay for it. That is okay as my wife and I would pay for it to help him. His family needed to keep the roof over their heads, the lights on and food on the table. Another year was going to be a real struggle. Yes, disability from Social Security was an option, but that does not cover all your bills. It is just a portion of what your paycheck was. Plus, the Medicare coverage for the medical bills does not start until a year after you are on disability. Most people do not know that. Anyway, anything to get him back to work faster. That was his goal. He was not going to just sit on the sidelines watching the game of life go by.

He opted to get the repair surgery done, and he spoke with his doctor about doing the PRP injection during the surgery to get the platelet-rich plasma right where the repairs were being made. The target could not be missed with it open to the doctor with my brother on the operating table. Now we are hoping for a faster than one year recovery to 100 percent.