I Had a Plan for Post-Op Recovery That Included Me Being at 100 Percent

I think sports medicine for the billion dollar major sports industry is the place to look for osteopathic and muscular injury therapies that work. I mean, some of these guys have major reconstructive surgery and are back playing a rough game like football just weeks later. I needed to get my arm fixed and be back at the work game in weeks not months. As part of my recovery process I asked about PRP treatment in New Rochelle, NY. This is where they take my own blood out and run it through a centrifuge in containers. This separates out the red blood cells from the plasma and platelets. Then the plasma-rich platelets (PRP) are injected right into the spot where the surgery was performed. The growth factor in the platelets is supposed to promote healing.

I could not take the slow route of surgery followed by months of rehab just to get back a percentage of the use of my arm. I figured if these sports guys could go from being debilitated to 100 percent, then so could I! I did not think that conservative treatments were going to be any help in my situation. There was really no risk to having the PRP injections other than the actual needle injection risk you get from all shots. I mean, the blood products were mine. They were not from a donor. So, I could not get sick from my own blood.

I had read everything I could about the sports medicine use of PRP in providing recovery therapy for major athletes.I just had to make a decision on having the surgery. I was already convinced of doing the PRP for post-op recovery. Then I was going to hit the rehab therapy as hard as I could. I had a plan to recover and be at 100 percent again no matter what anyone said to the contrary.